10 Biblical Reasons Why Western Christians should Live-Recession-Proof-Now!



Within the Christian community there are one or two extremes when discussing the subject of money.

So, before I outline 10 Biblical Reasons Why Western Christians Should LIVE RECESSION PRO0F NOW, I think it’s important to take a quick look at these 2 extremes and examine them according to the scriptures.

While many are complaining about how difficult things are, Christians need to be like the ant of Proverb 6.

I will discuss this further in subsequent articles.

And no, I am not preaching/teaching or propagating the “health, wealth, and prosperity” gospel.  For the record, that is not the Gospel and should be condemned by every believer in the scriptures.

With that said, below are 10 Biblical reasons why Western Christians Should Live Recession-Proof Now!

  1. It’s a way to Glorify God!
  • By not being in debt
  • Builds character, teaches, diligence, & hard work
  • Is not self-absorbed
  1. It’s a great way to be an example and light to others
  2. The Christian is commanded to owe no man anything but love. Debt is condemned in scripture.
  3. It demonstrates great wisdom, prudence and discretion because:
  • You’re not relying on one source of income
  • You’re prepared in advance if a recession happens again
  • You will leave an inheritance for your children’s children
  1. Help’s you to leverage your time. Many work for themselves
  2. It provides you the resources to giveand be a help to others
  3. You will be financially stress free
  4. You should not bury your talents, gifts – we live in a land of opportunity – Don’t bury your talents –  Matt. 25:14-39; Luke 19:11-27
  5. It’s a way to transfer the wealthof the wicked to the righteous
  6. It allows you to do and focus on missions

This website and this series will expand in detail how Christians can live out this mandate to “Live Recession Proof Now” practically and Biblicaly in future posts and and blogs.

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Sean Isaacs