Are We Headed For Another Recession?

Several analysts indicate that the economy is headed for another recession. According to some analysts, it could possibly be worse than 2008. Even President Donald Trump joined in on the economic speculation during his run for the presidency. At the time, he was lambasted for stating that we are sitting on an “economic bubble” headed for a “massive” recession.

At LRPN, we believe 2018 could be a replay of the 2008 recession.  Anyone who has been around long enough knows that these fluctuations tend to be cyclical. Even four years after 2008, the economy still hadn’t recovered. So, if the past is any indicator, we could be looking at an economic downturn until 2022.


60 Minutes Broadcast Revealed the Need to Live Recession Proof Now!

Back in 2012, the Isaacs Marketing Group (IMG) management team watched a 60 Minutes broadcast, “Trapped in Unemployment!” The 12-minute segment revealed how millions of Americans had been unemployed for 2-4 years. We watched how many people had lost hope in their ability to get another job, after so many rejections and disappointments during their job search. The video made us think about why and how CRITICAL it is for every Christian in the western world to prepare. Anyone with access to a computer and an online connection should learn how to Live Recession Proof Now!

Are We Headed for an Unemployment Boom and Another Recession?

It is possible that even with a college degree and years of work experience, you could also find yourself on the unemployment line. You should definitely watch the video below! You’ll be reminded, as we were, of how easily people could be trapped in a cycle of unemployment, if they are not prepared. Without a plan, you will not be prepared as you can be for the possible “Recession of 2018”. You must plan to continue to develop the passions, gifts, talents, experience and education that God has given you. Live Recession Proof Now is a necessity!

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Sean Isaacs