John Piper Says “Let’s Be Rich Toward God!”

If there is one thing the body of Christ in America is plagued with in 2018, it is IMBALANCE and EXTREME views of doctrine. An unlearned and untrained mind may conclude may conclude that we are promoting the love of money or wealth because LRPN focuses on developing multiple or additional streams of income.    But, the opposite is true.   That is why step 4 in the LRPN seminar series is NURTURE a heart of Wisdom and Generosity!   This sermon by Pastor John Piper (one of our favorite contemporary preachers) gives a proper view and balance of money. Money can be both helpful (blessing) and hazardous (a curse). It shows what you VALUE, whether things or God!  It all depends on the heart.  if you enjoy this sermon, then consider listening to our reading “10 Biblical Reasons Why Western Christians Should Live Recession Proof Now!”

Watch the video or listen to the audio here:

Sean Isaacs