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Change Your Brain, Change Your Mindset

How important is your brain function and daily habits to living recession proof now? Until now, my mindset was that it didn’t matter. I thought that unless someone is suffering from Alzheimer’s or some other illness that affects memory and thinking, our brain functioning isn’t all that critical… Wrong!

What Changed My Mindset?

Recently I received an email from Brendon Burchard with the subject line:

 “This Guy Changed My Life!”

Since I receive emails from Brendon regularly, my first thought was to glance at the email and save its content to review another day. There is always more to do than the time I have available, but since I believe that most of what Brendon’s Experts Academy sends out would be profitable for me, or for those around me, I decided to scan the email to determine its value. At the bottom of the email was a video that got my attention. I decided to watch and the more I watched, the more I was convinced that the state of my brain affects everything I do.

Your Mind, Your Mindset, Your Brain, Your Business

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The video by Dr. Daniel Amen, author of the new book, Use Your Brain to Change Your Age, was transformational! I now have such a high value for brain function and daily habits, and how those relate productivity. I highly recommend that you check out his life-changing video: Here is the video.

If you listen to and implement his instructions, I promise you that it will change your mindset as well! It will provide you more time, energy, and resources to Live Recession Proof Now!

Enjoy! http://www.highperformanceacademy.com/amen

New Mindset, Now What?

Now, if you enjoy the video and want more material from Dr. Daniel G. Amen, check out the books below:

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

The Amen Solution

Change Your Brain, Change Your Body

Thanks for taking time to learn how to Live Recession Proof Now. For more info, email us @ info@liverecessionproofnow.com

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