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Live Event Customization Quiz

We're so glad you've joined us for this LRPN Live Event!


There’s a vast wealth of information that we would like to share with you. But most importantly, we want to make sure you walk away with the information that will be the greatest benefit to you specifically.


Answer this short ten-question survey and give us the feedback that will make this live event all about you!


As an added bonus and a thank-you gift, when you complete the survey, you will receive a free download of the video:

God's Unchangeable Secret to Success: 6 Daily Habits To Transform Every Area of Your Life!
1. How would you describe yourself? (Select one)

2. What is your greatest personal financial concern at the moment? (Select one)

3. Thinking about your last answer, what roadblock(s) do you think you need to overcome in order to eliminate that concern? (Select as many as apply)

4. In what area(s) of personal finance are you most likely to seek advice? (Select as many as apply)

5. In what ways have you sought advice/support, in ANY area of your life? (Select as many as apply)

6. If you selected " I am a business owner or entrepreneur" for question #1, what is your greatest challenge in your business currently? (Select one)

7. If you selected any other profession for question #1, have you ever thought of starting a business? (Select one)
8. Do you own your home or do you rent?
9. If you selected "I own my home and currently pay a mortgage", have you ever thought of refinancing as a financial strategy?
10. If there's one finance question, either personal finance or business finance, that you wish you had the answer to today, what would that be?

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